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SDG Electronics mega soldering system thread - New: L245 USB JBC

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Maximus Panin:

--- Quote from: SteveyG on October 03, 2022, 08:26:36 pm ---Added the new MiniWare TS101
--- End quote ---

Now - Add PD3.1 protocol support 90W for 3 seconds  :bullshit:

TS101 is at home, waiting for a 24v 3A power supply, and here is the news.  It's incredible!  :phew:
What to do now, buy GaN ?  :scared:
How long did tips last in this mode ?  :box:

While we are waiting for the power supply, I put on a silicone holder from the Lukey 702 station ))

Added the L245 USB-C JBC C245 Compatible Portable Iron

Thanks for the reviews. I hope you'll keep doing them.

Seems an overcomplicated device... I would not be willing to spend much of my time fiddling with tiny buttons and settings.

They dropped the price of the GT90 to $250, probably was not selling that well:
No tips included, but it does include the blank heater cartridge.

old thread:


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