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SDG Electronics mega soldering system thread - New: L245 USB JBC

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--- Quote from: SteveyG on January 18, 2023, 08:48:12 pm ---Added the L245 USB-C JBC C245 Compatible Portable Iron

--- End quote ---

Got one of these L245 USB irons.

Surprisingly good. Here is my review.
Works with fake chinese tips and original JBC tips just fine, up to my beast original C245-914 (10mm flat chisel)

Programmable working tip temperature, sleep temperature and delay(1min steps), off delay time(1min steps).
5 preset temperature settings(CH) and one (CH=off) user programmable on the fly from 0°C upwards with 10oC steps.

Tested with:
a. 5V/1-3A various USB mobile chargers (not working, shows menu but reboots when enabled)
b. 33W USB mobile charger (not working, shows menu but reboots when enabled)
c. 12V/2A DC linear PSU (works but marginally, very slow)
d. 10V/6A simple full brigde rectified PSU with transformer and a 2.200uF cap (works good, just not as fast as original JBC, still way better than any other old style soldering stations)
e. Makita battery 18V/5Ah (20V when fully charged, iron works very good, fast heating, from 20-380 in 10sec)

It detects movement, so when enabled (by the buttons you select CH preset), it starts heating and when it stays still for 1min or whetever delay set, it goes to sleep mode, which is a preset (but programmable) temperature of 200oC default i think. During the sleep mode, if you lift it, it heats up again.
If during sleep mode you don't move it for another set delay, it disables itself and goes to room temperature. From that mode it can escape only by pressing a button key, while on original JBC stations it only requires to lift the iron from the stand and it starts heating again.
This button activity, if frequent, may fatique the buttons and some of them fail in time. My tip is to extend the delays, to reduce the need to press the buttons. There is always the option to replace them...

The body is anodised aluminium tube, with some kind of black plastic cap near the tip, but white (teflon i think) tip insert.
The nose does not fit the original JBC stands, its a bit thicker.
Original T245 nose is DIA 11.77mm and the plastic nose of L245 is 12.04mm.
The grip is OK, some kind of elastic tube.

I suppose, the DC drive (and not AC) will corrode the tips in time, but it's not meant for heavy use anyway.

Another user (YulyPH) kindly uploaded some photos of the PCB internals:


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