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The secret life of machines 1980s BBC the first true eevblog tech teletube b4YT



used to watch this when we got 30 yes that right THIRTY channels of cable. And you know what? There wasn't shit on until nbc at 8:00 when ST TNG was on. "Number one: I order you to take a number two, on the bridge" Worf: "Captain I recommend photon torpedoes; full spread" Jean Luc " No MR warf we will out smart them at their own game" Warf "Sssssshiiiiiiiiitttt nig..." Lights up a space age NewPort with his phaser and " LESS TALK MORE SYNTHYHOL".

For some reason we can't make programs like this any more. The presenters of science programs talk so slowly and take so long to say one sentence that my mind has already wandered. Then que some background music and some stock footage and then finally another sentence prized out at such length that I forgot what the last sentence was and I've lost interest.


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