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The Signal Path 10-Year Anniversary!

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Dear all,

I will be making a 10-year anniversary video for my YouTube channel and website. Any requests on topics to cover? Question, suggestions, etc.

There will also be giveaways!​​​


Time really flies, 10(!) years for Signal path soon. Keep it going, it is an excellent technical channel.

I would be interested in working principle of PLL. PLLs were mentioned many times during teardowns and reviews, so it is a good topic to review in greater detail.
Other, shorter topic could be calibration procedures of VNAs - how to check for proper calibration, how to estimate calibration coefficients for calibration standards, how to estimate port extensions, etc.

Also, Signal Path lab has grown over the years and currently looks nicely organized (all instruments are accessible, mains cables are hidden). You could make a short review on mains wiring and shelving solution in a lab, i.e. how you manage to not run out of mains sockets :)


Congratulations with the anniversary.  Your channel has very high quality material presented in an accessible way - a difficult balancing act.

Tell something about yourself, your daily job, your hobby, where are you from, etc...

And don't forget to show a lot of your little fluffy helper, Pooch!

Congratulations Shahriar! Your channel is awesome, despite triggering the jealous effect on all of us that do not have access to such incredible instrumentation market!  :-DD

The topics and the way you present them are extremely interesting and accessible.


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