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To whom it may concern: N vs. P channel MOSFETs.

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(Yes, I do believe this is in the right forum section. :D )

Please be adviced that usually you[1] cannot replace an N channel MOSFET with a P channel ditto without suffering some dire consequences. That is why the first replacement MOSFET instantly blew up when you applied power. You shorted out the battery through the body diode, and the current was only limited by the DC resistance of the transformer. ;D

Otherwise enjoyed the video as always. :popcorn:

[1] Message meant for a fairly narrow selection of 'you'.

That's a VERY narrow "you" indeed. Any chance of a link to the video? :)


Apparently Shahriar and I were typing our respective posts at the same time.  ;D

Edit: I spelled Mr. S' name incorrectly... :palm:

It wouldn't be a Shahriar video if nothing exploded or caught fire :)


I am supremely confident that Shahriar knows the difference between P and N channel mosfets, considering he has a Ph.d in EE and works at Bell Labs (engineering manager, designing microwave-frequency ASICs)--in the building where the transistor was invented.


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