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Tormach Right To Repair Video I Had to Call Them Out! They Do Not Support R2R


As a machine owner, knowing other machine owners, repairing Tormach control boards and Having dealt with them in the past trying to obtain vfd specs and microchips I was hoping there was a change after seeing their video.

I tried again But there was no change and I had to call them out! That thye do not support right to repair.

Yea, they offer to let you replace parts that only they supply and no access to chips, schematics, etc.

Here is a 24min recording with a tormach engineer.

For those that want the TLDR:

I suggest watching the whole thing through on his channel. I like these timestamps 5:19 Denies files for off-the-shelf variable frequency drive (VFD) that anyone can buy on the market for significantly less than tormach markup. 11:00 tormach says go in business to fix vehicles not our stuff. 18:16 Tormach says "we Don't support 3rd party component level repair."  There are tons of other great points made in here this is just what stands out to me.


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