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TPAI Lab Report # 001: Reverse Engineering / Welding Machines



LOL Love the wine tip.  Should have a quick beverage review / tip in each video for those of us that want to drink along at home. :)

For the seal, auto mechanics get sheets of gasket material and cut their own if one cannot be had.  Goggling around should come up with something suitable.

Gaskets are often the back or front cover of the phone book ( about the only time I use it these days) and some gasket compound. Making them is either by using a small cutter, some scissors or the small ball peen hammer to tap out the shape. Works for all thin gaskets, other than head gaskets, cork or thick rubber gaskets.

I did buy a few sheets of proper gasket material recently, to make some gaskets that were needed to do preload of bearings in a gearbox, which did not have any other preload method. Ended up sanding some down to get the right thickness, as the original did not have any specs and the gaskets disintegrated on removal. Also added the one thing missing ( and the cause of the failure in the first place), which was a gearbox vent, the lack of which had blown the seals and dumped the oil into the drive motor, which did not like that at all.


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