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Trying out my new Keithley DMM7510, a 7.5 digit beast

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New to the lab is this Keithley DMM7510, a 7 1/2 digit, high performance meter.  This beast is amazing!
Here I take a first look at the meter and run a few measurements.

No teardown, since I paid for it!

Great first impression Video, Thank you !

Do you have a stable voltage standard and could see the drift of the 7510 over 24 hours
Would be interesting to see the graph for that.

You need something very stable to see the drift of them 7510.
I compared it to a couple of other meters with a cheap voltage standard:

Reference used:

I finally ran a successful 24 hour test, I'll try to do a longer one some time.

And, here's the setup.  If you see anything to improve the tests, please let me know.


You might want to look at using special low thermal emf leads. There is a thread here:

I use Pomona low thermal emf leads with my Datron 1281.




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