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Video Blog Entry: ITIC 1480A USB 2.0 LS/FS/HS Protocol Analyzer Demo


Published on Aug 22, 2014 by John Gulbrandsen

This video describes how to use the ITIC 1480A LS/FS/HS USB Protocol Analyzer to capture high-speed USB data.

The 1480A USB Protocol Analyzer can be purchased from

1. Overview of the 1480A front and rear panel connectors and LEDs.
2. Example capture of data exchanged between a HS Sandisk flash key and a host computer. This demonstrates the host LED, Link Power and Link Activity LEDs.
3. Decoding Device and Host Chirp trace data.
4. Explanation of Device Requests (Set Address and others).
5. Decoding device and configuration descriptors (vendor and product IDs etc).
6. Explanation of Interface and Endpoint Descriptors decoding.
7. Decoding of IN and OUT transactions and packets.
8. Demo of how to use the Filter Dialog to hide NAKed IN Transactions and SOF packets.
9. Explanation of how to use the Details View to decode Packet , bus events and transaction details.
10. Shows how to use the PayLoad View to display hex and ASCI payload data of packets and transactions.
11. Explains how to use markers and time references.
12. Demo of the Node Finder View and how to use it to find packets and bus events in the overall trace.
13. Comparison of capabilities between software and hardware based protocol analyzers.
14. Description of OTG SRP, VBus and HNP events.
15. Use of payload view to watch raw payload data of data and transactions.
16. Functionality of the Message View. Shows lowest-level D+ and D- data line states as well as packets and data content.
17. Description of the Discovered Devices View. It shows all discovered devices via use of the device descriptors obtained from the devices in the trace.
18. Demo of the Print and Print Preview functionality.
19. Overview of the 2500A PCI Express Protocol Analyzer software, which has many advanced features that will be integrated into a 1480B version of the USB Protocol analyzer.
20. Demo of the Search Payload Data dialog. How to find the "Cruzer Blade" string in the overall protocol trace capture.
21. More complete overview of the Filter Protocol Items Dialog box.
22. Explanation of how to use the Filter Dialog to hide traffic to/from specific devices or endpoints.
23. Demo of relative and absolute timestamps and how to change the time reference in the trace.
24. Description of the 1480A Printed Circuit Board. PHY, FPGA, SDRAM and FX2LP microcontroller.
25. Description of planned 1480B USB Protocol Analyzer hardware changes (256 MB trace RAM and external trigger port).


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