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--- Quote from: vaualbus on March 19, 2014, 10:04:50 pm ---As now have the sure to said the real edge do step down conversion or is just a track and hold amplifier?
Some one have some more info on that?
Just to know theorically how much an adc of this machine cost (50k, 60k)?

--- End quote ---

All evidence points to the use of a block down-conversion scheme.  Agilent's 80GS/s ADC is a large array of S/H+ADCs all running at a lower speed.  If I recall correctly, there are 160 (or more) that are used to make up the 80GS/s base sample rate.

Shahriar this oscilloscope i no more the more fats production oscilloscope, apparently agilent have released a new series of oscilloscope.
The DSAZ634A apparently tha have better performance thant the other scope.
At first the biggest difference we can see from the agilent picture is that now there isn't no more the seperate connector for high speed signal and not.
Just only the channel connector.
The cost without option is just "only" 453k of dollars!
I wish you know something more on this scope and what is new from the predecessor.
Best regards, Alberto.


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