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Experiments and Demo of an Agilent DSA-X 96204Q 160GS/s 62GHz Oscilloscope

In this episode Shahriar demos the world's fastest oscilloscope! The Agilent DSA-X 96204Q offers 160GS/s of conversionrate  with a bandwidth of 62GHz on two dedicated 'RealEdge' channels. It can also provide 80GS/s conversion rate and 33GHz of bandwidth on four simultaneous channels. The unit demoed on this video is equipped with all available options and is valued at over 0.5 million US dollars. The block diagram of various sub-systems of the oscilloscope are presented and the principle operation of the instrument is explained. A 56Gb/s PRBS-15 signal is applied to the scope from a Centellax 2G2T5A (now Agilent N4975A) and the resulting data pattern is examined in real-time. Various scope functions are also presented as well as the capability to observer bit failures at baud-rate using this instrument.

As a second experiment, two 3.125Gb/s PRBS-7 data streams are simultaneously up-convered to 20GHz and 40GHz respectively by using a pair of MITEQ mm-wave DSB tripple balanced mixers and a pair of Avantek 20-40GHz YIG oscillators. The resulting two signals are combined by using a power-combiner and fed to the oscilloscope. The capability of the instrument to act as an ultra-broadband software-defined radio is demonstrated by recovering the the two PRBS sequences simultaneously through DSP post processing. The block diagram of this setup can be downloaded from The Signal Path website.

You can see the video here: [1 Hour & 10 Minutes]

More videos at The Signal Path:

Dammit Shahriar; how the hell do you get your hands on all this uber expensive equipment?


--- Quote from: olsenn on August 13, 2013, 03:06:19 pm ---Dammit Shahriar; how the hell do you get your hands on all this uber expensive equipment?

--- End quote ---

Friends in high places! ;)

awesome!  :-+

Anybody looking for some sticker shock? Look up the price of the signal generator he was probing with that beast of scope... >:D

I loved the section on the input/ADC. Thanks :-+


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