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Video Teardown & Experiements with LeCroy's 100GHz, 240GS/s Scope

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Here is a close look and teardown (yes! teardown!) of LeCroy's 100GHz Scope. We also go in details of its operation, block diagrams and ASIC design challenges.

Watch the video here: [1 Hour & 35 Minutes]

More videos at The Signal Path:

Just two word: Wow and fantastic.


--- Quote from: vaualbus on February 10, 2015, 10:34:45 am ---Just two word: Wow and fantastic.

--- End quote ---

Glad that you liked it.

Thank's for this great video. Special the first part when the guy explained the frontend on the whiteboard.

Also the second part with the boards review. I was surprised to see at least 9 trimpots on the 100Gig board  :)

The third parts with the running instrument was nice too. But as already HF stuff itself wouldn't confuse me sometimes ... now we have laser ... 194THz has to be a kind of infrared laser. I didn't know it is possible to shift the frequency for a laser that easy. I guess that would be an topic for an future Signalpath blog too. I did read lately an article about a laboratory where they push the data rate over fibre rate ... kind of sick. :scared:

The last part was nice to see too. I thought the factory (just assembling) would be bigger. And I was surprised about how much and long they test each unit. And I was surprised people don't wear ear protection.

Thank's a lot for this video.  :-+

Haven't watched it all through yet, but  :-+  :clap:


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