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Video Teardown, Repair and Analysis of an Anritsu MS2721A Spectrum Analyzer

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Watch the video here: [40 Minutes]

More videos at The Signal Path:

Broken eBay check list:
1 Is there any damage?
2 Are there any scorch marks?
3 Does anything get hot? <-- Bingo  :-+
4 ...etc

Nice unit to have around.

It's not YouTube unless there's a cat!
You should add him here: Cats of Engineering

--- Quote from: embeddedbob on April 23, 2015, 06:06:02 pm ---Nice unit to have around.

--- End quote ---
I don't think Shahriar is ever more than two steps from a spectrum analyzer, I don't see why he needs a portable one.   :-//

I'll admit that when the video was nearing the end and you had not yet swapped the SRAM, I thought it would be a lost cause. Excellent to see that you managed to entirely fix it via intuition!

So in this time you are in software problem: this specturm analyzer and the Agilent scope that I read in somewhere in the blog. At the end have you menaged to restore also the Agilent scope?
Anyway amazing video like always!


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