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Voltlog #188 - LIDL Silvercrest Thermostat Teardown


Voltlog #188 - LIDL Silvercrest Thermostat Teardown
Published on Oct 23, 2018
In today’s video I do a teardown of the LIDL Silvercrest radiator thermostat.

Posted   10/27/2017

Nice teardown.
But I recommend to remove the blue plastic transport securing device on the valve.
It protects the thread and the valve pin.
So if you remove it, you are able to mount the thermostats.

anyone have an idea if it is possible to ready any temperature data from those control points or via mini USB (mine has that)? Or even sending commands to this device (like on/off, set temperature or whatnot)? If that is possible, then I could easily add WiFi or similar "smart" stuff to this. I know it's relatively cheap to buy one that already has all that, but anyway I'd like to try.

Or in general, how would a person start figuring out what the control points on such boards do? I'm comfortable using Arduinos and similar boards, but I never got into this "reverse engineering" realm.


Meanwhile I've found this link where some things are explained, but my model isn't listed:

Here's what I have (chip is MB95F374L):

And another thing - I managed to connect the mini USB port to PC via USB to TTL. I am getting some serial communication. Nothing like identification or whatever, but I can send text and get an answer. For now whatever I send I only get "0000" back (at 19200) or the letter "U" on a slower speed.
Also, after few minutes the communication stops. I get nothing back until I power the device off/on


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