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Voultar Youtube Channel Lab RANSACKED

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The lab of Youtube channel Voultar got ransacked  >:(

--- Quote ---Everyone, I'm sorry, but I'm going to be out of commission for a while.
Someone ransacked my lab last night. Almost everything has been destroyed.
Nothing was stolen, just destroyed. It looks like some of the online threats managed to materialize.
I don't have the money to replace all of this because I've spent $30K on more flooding/house repairs. Quite frankly, I believe I'm done with this business. I'll check you all later.

--- End quote ---

Follow up post:

--- Quote ---I want to thank all of you who've messaged me or sent positive vibes. I've calmed down and my emotions aren't so raw. So let me explain what's going to happen from this point..

I'm still selling my products, including all of my DIY kits, nothing changes as far as those are concerned. Some person(s) pried the door jam and warped the door opening, came into the lab, and pulled over my shelving. No, nothing "collapsed". The shelves, despite being overloaded, did not "fall". Someone forced entry into my lab and vandalized the quickest things they could (I'm assuming) and darted out before getting caught.

The back gate was also opened, I never use this gate and there would be nobody here to open it. Below my home is a.. rough apartment complex.. School just let out for the summer a couple of days ago.. I am HOPING that this is the work of young, stupid kids and not some deranged nutjob from the internet.

I'm honestly just overwhelmed right now, highly depressed and incredibly burned out by this. I will build this back. I do not want money or any sort of donations. That was never the point of my communicating this to you all. And what's more disturbing to me more than anything are the trolls who are going out of their way to say that this is some sort of money scam. To those who've contributed to that narrative, follower or not, you're blocked. That's disgusting and doesn't help me.

Again, if you want to help PLEASE do not try to send me money or anything like that. If you need an RGB kit, buy one! Supporting my business is the best way to help me.
SNES 2CHIP is going to happen. It's inevitable. I've worked far too hard on that to just puss out.
Modding services will also return, it's just going to take me a long time. This was a lot..
Thanks, everyone. I'll keep you posted.
--- End quote ---

He replied to my post.

--- Quote ---Sure, I can tell you what (I think) happened.

I was working with
 on Friday night, and it was kind of late. I don't remember if I locked the door. But the next morning I went to the lab and the door was ajar. I didn't at the time notice that the jam was pried/jimmied, but I walked in and saw that all of my inventory, prototypes, and a myriad of other things were thrown around with much of it destroyed.

Initially, during heightened emotions, I thought that it was one of the few online death threatening stalkers that I have.. But I believe what's most likely now is either someone looking either to just vandalize or someone who accidently knocked or pushed over my shelving while sifting through  my belonging and then high-tailed it out.

Anyhow, that's all I currently know. What's even more disheartening are the people in the comments who want to challenge any of this. There is no donations, there is no GoFundMe, I just wanted to explain to people what had happened and that I would br away for a while, remedying this.
--- End quote ---

That absolutely sucks. I am sorry this happened to this person.

I can't help but wonder that his last theory is the most accurate - they were moving things around looking for valuables and accidentally made the shelf to fall, busting a lot of equipment in the process. My reasoning is that, if someone wanted to really trash the place, they would have beaten and cracked the LCD screens, shattered the nice framed picture on the wall, thrown the 3D printers around, etc.

Well, that or they were spooked by something and couldn't finish the job.

Nominal Animal:
The pictures look exactly like what the storage basement of my previous apartment building looked like when it was ransacked, each time.

Because the displays weren't smashed, I too am inclined towards a simple burglary rather than any kind of malice.  Kids or junkies, the "non-professional" burglars, who are just looking for anything to pawn or sell for a quick buck, don't care if they damage stuff but also not damaging stuff just "for fun".

My guess is the burglar(s) got scared and left when the shelving fell.


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