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What is the best solution for file hosting?

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I'm starting up my own blog. Electronics and Programming Beginners Guide
 My site is being hosted on that's where i first started it.  I bought my own domain name and did all of the mapping and what not.
I was wondering what is the best solution for file hosting? I plan to add design files, gerber files and high res images for my projects projects.

Wordpress gives me 3Gbs of space and i can upgrade later to 13Gbs. Is that sufficient to get started? What would my upgrade options be if i didn't want to stay with wordpress or if i hosted just my files somewhere else?

You can use Amazon S3, or dropbox (depending on your traffic).

Syncplicity gives you 10 Gb, and if you share files with others who have syncplicity, together you share the total sum of space. And its free...

you could use google drive (15GB free)

I ended up going with Amazon S3 service. Although it only gives 5gigs for free i think it's the most flexible service, meaning that when i need more i just step up into a paid tier.


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