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Xgecu T56 programmer teardown and review

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Hi everyone. I did a quick review and teardown of the new T56 programmer which is a step further from the well-known TL866 series programmers.

I hope you enjoy the video:

I am interested in this "universal" programmer and I would like to know what are your opinions about it after 18 months.
How much did you pay for it? Where did you buy it from?
Most importantly, what about the adapters that should have come with it?

Well, I haven't used it a lot. I just needed an universal programmer and a logic ic tester. That is why I brought it.
I think it is good. No problems till now. I can't remember how much i paid. It was a long time ago. I ordered it from Aliexpress.

I have mine bougt in July 2020 for 154Euro on Ali (also have the 866 II).
It came with a handful of adapters Sop28,Sop20 Sop16 TSOP32-56.

Have used it for some Atmega, EEprom ...
It works as expected.
Firmwareupdates comes nearly regulary.
The so descriped amount of component that this device can handle is a little bit prettified.
He counts every type on the same familly.

But never mind it provides many devices and i have never seen an adaquate device which provides the same for the price.
And not to forget that alle Updates are for free.

I'm happy with it so far

Regards Chris

Im happy with the T56 too. Bought this kit for 150€ 2 years ago.

Now they launched a new version of their TL866
I dont have it but its maybe sufficient for many.


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