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Others, in no order:

* xC
* design patterns, which are arguably more important and useful than any specific language
* various scrotty little domain specific languages (DSLs) that should never have existed (a library in a standard language would have been more appropriate)
The "use nowadays" clause is problematic:

* at any one time only a small subset of languages is being used on a project
* old projects/languges have to be re-visited, for maintenance and enhancement, and to reuse concepts in new projects
* concepts from languages used a while ago are "stolen" and re-implemented in more modern languages

Other not listed:



--- Quote from: pwlps on September 27, 2019, 11:12:01 am ---Other not listed:


--- End quote ---

VB6 has a long history of being used in random embedded tasks that happen to use windows, but VB.NET? In EE?

It's of course C/ASM that are the big two because they're cheap and work well. FORTRAN had a lot of use in a lot of strange places, and some people for some strange reason decided Java was awesome enough to build into almost anything backbone. Forth gets used a good little bit, shell scripting is always useful, and for some reason I can never understand, people use Python.



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