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Anyone with Windows XP driver development experience


Specifically for a HID filter driver...

In UK near Kenilworth would be ideal :)


Windows XP has built-in HID drivers.

You need the Windows driver kit. Either the old DDK or the newer WDK. WDK is much simpler and works on XP with service pack 3. Both kits contain examples of drivers.

Fun replies so far.

@NorthGuy: Yes, but filter drivers are drivers that are designed to act on top of a base driver. If the OP wants an HID filter driver, they probably want to support a peripheral that has HID class, but need custom behavior on top of HID. That's the point of a filter driver.

@hgl: That'll be good to know for people willing to do it themselves, but as I understand, the OP is looking for someone to do it. Either because they have no time to, it's not their job, they don't know how to, or whatever else.

So @perdrix: That's something I could have done a few years ago, I've written a couple Windows drivers in the past, from Win 95/98 to Win 7. But not the kind of things I do anymore, and I'm not in the UK either. So good luck.


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