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ATMLU EEproms Marked ATMLU identification
« on: May 02, 2020, 11:20:44 am »
Hi all
 Had a few eeproms marked as ATMLU**** and couldnt find what they were.... but on research found the  second row of numbers under the ATMLU*** top  number is the ATMEL Truncated code......... below is a list i have done .. ...the  code can be found from the atmel data sheets but the problem is you have to really  know the  atmel number first...... so  a lot of data sheet trawling to get the  truncated number google returns a few  on a search but not many    hope that helps people
So if you have an AMTLU chip the second number under the ATMLU***  is the truncated  part  number so   try a search for..... truncated code **** eg 2GB will return AT24C1024 if your lucky

atmel truncation code 2GB

AT24C512B         2FB
AT24C256B         2EB   
AT24C128C   2DC
AT24C256C   2EC
AT25128B           5DB
AT25256B           5EB
AT24C08            O8
AT24CM01     2G
AT93C46D           46D
AT24C16C           16C
AT24C01           O1C
AT24MAC402   P4
AT24MAC602   P6
AT24C512C   2FC
AT24CS04           N4
AT24CS08           N8
AT25320B         5BB
AT25640B         5CB
AT24CM02         2H
AT24HC04B   H4B
AT25010B          51B
AT25020B          52B
AT25040B          54B
AT25512           5F
AT24CS01           N1
AT24CS02           N2
AT24C1024   2GB 2
AT24C32D          32D
AT24C64D          64D

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