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I need to make a very simple app that needs to run on PC and mobile (mostly Android but possibly also iOS) and it needs display a couple of simple 2D and 3D graphs.
Also it needs to interface via USB, Bluetooth and WiFi to some PCBs I designed.

I am looking for some C++ IDE/framework that:
- can deploy onto multiple platforms (Windows and Android at least)
- relatively quick and simple to learn
- preferably free

Few questions:
1) I came across Embarcadero C++ builder. Is that a good solution?
2) How does that compare to Visual Studio (I used that years ago)
3) Are there other/better ones perhaps more focused to interfacing with IoT and Embedded systems?
4) is there any way or system/solution that allow you to upload the code directly to an Android device without going through the Google store or opening any Google accounts? i.e. downloading the app directly onto the Andoid device via USB?

Thank you :)

C++Builder was pretty good back in the day (and the only way to do VB-style drag'n'drop UI programming on win32 for C++). However, it's now vastly overpriced and a dying market - Embarcadero basically bought it off Borland because they use it extensively, and they sell it to recoup some costs. Support is thus dropping as the userbase dies out, so it's a dead end.

Someone else will  no doubt pop up re VS and the like :)


--- Quote from: ricko_uk on November 29, 2021, 01:35:49 pm ---1) I came across Embarcadero C++ builder. Is that a good solution?
--- End quote ---
i've been looking for VB5 like easy RAD programming, ie we design a button, double click it and the IDE bring us to the code. Embarcadero C++ builder seems to do that which made me excited, but then when i tried to download or buy, its $1K+ tag cheapest, and then it doesnt show it can support Linux, so... how about Qt4,5? now 6. it has GUI designer but it doesnt link the GUI elements to the code as good as i mentioned, we need to do it manually (can be a good thing? esp on bigger projects with many sub modules). it also supports Linux development beside what you mentioned, and totally free and open source.

I guess your best bet is Qt:

Embarcadero stuff is definitely good.

Now if you're using it for its cross-platform features, keep in mind you're going to get "locked in". Not necessarily a problem - it's up to you.

With that said, a "small" detail: from what I've seen (so at least please check), Embarcadero C++Builder only targets Windows and iOS. You'd need their RAD Studio product to get Android as a target. Or, use Delphi.

I thought it was worth mentioning, because the license for RAD Studio is much more expensive than for C++ Builder. Delphi is cheaper than RAD Studio but still more expensive than C++ Builder.


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