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Interesting multi-page post on "Too many programming languages", especially interesting discussions on the XMOS, and the reference to ulisp. It just so happens that I am writing a Lisp interpreter in modern C++ and it has now been uploaded to github with the MIT license. No garbage collection yet - I will be adding one probably using shared_ptr. It uses boost variant and some lambda functions. At around 800 lines with comments and empty lines, it's not the smallest lisp, but it does support full Lisp semantics, e.g. a few tiny Lisp use vectors to store the cells, which would preclude them from supporting garbage collection.

Check it out if you like! Maybe you will find it interesting or even useful.

I would prefer "neat C" rather than "C++" implementation so I can try to integrate it into kernel space for the very specific purpose of doing some kind of wild debugging.

uFort is currently on the way for this.

Now write a modern C++ implementation, well, in anything you want, I will not even care :-DD

C is easy for me. I was looking for a challenge.

Can you make it fully constexpr, so I can run my Lisp programs while compiling?


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