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I have a spreadsheet I created and simplified it for purposes of this question.

Attached is a screen shot and I labeled row 1 to reflect the formulas in row 2 rather than attach the spreadsheet since Excel saves my personal information in the about section.

When I change the number in E7, column E2 should change, but it doesn't. I've managed to figure out that it's not happy including column B in the formula, so I think it's getting stuck with some sort of circle calculation, however, it's not giving any errors.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to get around this?

To show contents, prefix with an apostrophe, or change the view mode to display equations.

The cells contain an assignment expression (prefix equals sign), right?

You can also use the Formulas / Trace Precedents/Dependents to follow relations around visually.

There's also an option to evaluate the whole sheet stepwise (which permits, but may still warn of, dependency loops), which, I forget where that's done.


Worked fine for me. I changed E7 from 0 to 5 and B2 updated to 10 as expected.

I think you've got an issue with the formula in B2. I'd delete it and re-enter it as "=5+E7"

I didn't remember an option existed to show formulas.


--- Quote ---Worked fine for me. I changed E7 from 0 to 5 and B2 updated to 10 as expected.
--- End quote ---

E2 should change and it's not; B2 works fine.


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