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Found a great 101 for Python OOP, by "Clear Code" YT channel


Gifted teachers are rare, and this dude is one of them.

Understanding classes and object-oriented programming [Python Tutorial]

Watched the video, did the exercises, and it all makes sense now.  Highly recommended for OOP beginners.

Following now his 101 about PySimpleGUI (Creating 10 apps in Python with PySimpleGUI).  Halfway into the video, and so far all was explained perfectly clear.  "Clear Code" indeed.  His style makes all very easy to follow, turns programming from hard chores to easy fun.  :D

Very high quality tutorials.  :-+

It would be better if the author didn't use red on black.  To me, it is nearly illegible.  Sure, I have defective color vision but so does a significant percentage of the adult male population.

I'm only a few minutes in, I'll have to see how long I can go while missing out on the red writing.

There might be an easy way to view it in different colors:

- Download the YouTube video locally (for example with this online webpage: )
- Open the locally downloaded video with the VLC Player
- While playing the video with VLC, press CTRL+E to open the "Adjustement and Effects" window of VLC.  There are many tabs for audio and video effects there, one tab is to adjust contrast/hue/saturation, other tab is called "Colors", and has a checkbox for "Negate colors".  :)

Try with Negate colors, or with other video settings (maybe from other players if VLC doesn't cut it), and see if the result has better visibility.


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