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I have "the book" "Programming principles and practice using C++" by Bjarne Stroustrup. It has example and exercises and he recommends visual studio but this was in 2005. Visusual studio or whatever it is called now it rather bloated for running a few lines of code. Anything else worth using?

I have that book also. Still got to start reading it though. You could try Notepad++

I have also tried WxDevC++ and Code Blocks. I started learning C by using LCC-WIN32 and have also tried PellesC as well.

Good luck.

So does notepad++ handle calling the compiler etc or is it just an advanced text editor.

You cannot get much simpler than the free Arduino IDE .

Are you intending to use the Arduino chips/boards or some other micros ?

Notepad++ is an advanced text editor. It uses a plugin (NCCEXEC) that runs a script. The script invokes G++ (for c++ programs) using the system command terminal. You have to make sure you install the compiler first (explained in another video above)and make sure it can be run from a command prompt. It's all explained in the video I linked to.


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