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Any recommendation from your personal experience?  What GUI to use for Python?

- would like to be something "python-esque", easy to use for non-programmers, just like Python is easier to use for amateurs than, say, C++ would be.
- has to have a drag&drop graphic editor to add controls and design the GUI, designing the layout by writing code is not productive for me
- preferably open source and definitely free, it's for hobby and non-commercial projects
- for my level of skills, the old VB5 was just right, with drag and drop buttons and auto generated code, then all you have to do was to populate the empty template with code for the desired actions, would prefer an equivalent for that VB5 style, if there is any
- multiplatform preferably, Linux is a must

Googled already, and tried so far a couple of them:

1. Qt and its "Qt Designer" - (that was some time ago, IIRC the wrapper module was called PyQt), thought I remember it as very cumbersome, hard to learn and also Qt is not entirely free (depending on the type of license one need/choose), certainly not FOSS

2. PySimpleGUI - that was the simplest to use so far, but there's no GUI designer for PySimpleGUI, only some unbaked attempts to import XML ui produced by Qt Designer, which import tool seems abandoned and doesn't work any more

3. DearPyGui - it's very "Windows-ish" (has a registry for its GUI no matter the OS), thought it's open source and with MIT license.  The main drawback (for me) is that it's not really for preparing a GUI, but more for making/developing tools for 2D/3D games.  DearPyGui is based on ImGui, a C++ lib/engine for game devs, which ImGui is sponsored by big names like Blizzard or Ubisoft.  The Python wrapper is very impressive and working, yet it is too recent, the video tutorials from 1-2 years ago are almost not applicable to current version.  And still doesn't have a drag and drop designer.

They are all great Python GUI programs, yet none are just right for me.  The GUI part feels to me like a dragging or a chore task, maybe it's just me, or maybe I have wrong expectation, IDK.  :-//

Been looking for something easy, to use for small project/single developer.  For example to slap a GUI on a small board I make, or to control an existing devboard, or an instrument around the lab, things like that.  For example adding a GUI for a data logger from a COM port, or a GUI for an SCPI tool to automate repeated measurements, or other small Python programs like that.  I'm using mostly Linux/KDE (Kubuntu).

What did you guys are using for that, or seen and liked, when it comes to making a GUI, or what do you think I should try?

    I've tried a number of things but in the end Qt Designer and PyQt seemed more usable and more baked. Yes, at first its hard and cumbersome, but for simple GUIs will be fast and hassle free enough to be worth it.
    I use it from time to time for the exact same purpose -> simple GUI for whatever project I'm working at that moment.


PS: If you need to create graphs take a look at PyQtGraph


In this case back to square one, I guess, thank you both.  Meaning back to Qt, will put some extra effort into learning more Qt.  Its Qt Designer is very good, indeed.

As will all python things, you will make rapid progress in your application. You can take comfort in this at least.



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