Author Topic: how to build programming logic?  (Read 9849 times)

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Re: how to build programming logic?
« Reply #75 on: January 05, 2022, 06:49:04 pm »
There are also artificial intelligence and machine learning classes, but they might be advanced and given only at post-graduate level.

Wouldn't Linear Algebra be part of any undergrad STEM program?  I remember spending some amount of time on matrix inversion, multiplication and such clear back prior to '73.  We only did up to 4x4 but we did it by hand, very few students had access to a computer (I was one of them).  I'm far from competent in ML but it seems to me that all of this AI stuff is based on Linear Algebra (and Partial Differential Equations).

Linear algebra is a very basic one and taught in many disciplines maybe even in non-STEM areas. I wrote only the ones that is quite specific to computer sci./eng. The specificity also blurs as you go higher in education. AI and ML might be taken by other disciplines, and a computer scientist/engineer might take a very different courses too. I meant only the very directly related and undergrad ones and probably I miss a few.

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