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How to disconnect my Google sharing with cellphones?

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First, I hope that it posted at the right place, if not - please "relocate" it. thanx.
As many others, I have Google installed on my desktop pc. I've noticed that what I'm looking in Google appears on two other cellphones related to me.
I would like to ask how do I disconnect this linkage from the phones, so that the Google will be a "stand alone"? 

What does " I have Google installed on my desktop pc" mean?
That you have Google Chrome, and you are logged in with your Google account there, or what else?

You need a better description but for starters don't share info amongst devices such as email address, google acct.. That might just be the basics of it. For your local computer, you can try things like Adblock and noscript to see what companies are fishing and then block them one by one. Your sites might break but will also load faster. This is not a solution since your description is lacking a lot of details.

Yes don't use the same Google account on your different devices, obviously. Even if it's just for Google mail on your desktop computer.
And there's a direct link between Google services, so if you use Google mail and YT, even if you use YT without being connected to your account, they'll link the data anyway.
Really the only way is first never to use the same Google account on different devices if you don't want this link - which many find too convenient to take this extra step.

I don't suggest my course of action for everyone but for someone like me who doesn't use google services, except the forced ones like gstatic and search, you can hosts out everything.

C:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts or /etc/hosts or linux.


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