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Installing VB6 in Windows 11

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A couple of years ago, I wanted to resurrect a large VB6 project (just to examine something)…
Win10 was very unfriendly, but I raised a Win7 VM, and it came up just like new.


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--- Quote from: JPortici on January 12, 2022, 09:55:22 am ---Question: Do applications made in VB6 run?
If they don't 2022 will be a complete nightmare
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not really yet. we still have Win7-10 thats still have life in them... last time about a year ago, i have to bid farewell to my WinXP, not because i have problem with WinXP directly, but with more and more modern SWs that cant run properly in it. so i dig into Win7 64bit now, add some used RAM from 3GB before to 8GB now, replaced the PC casing and my 13yrs old PC is like new again... all important modern SWs (mostly for the HWs i bought such as 3d msla printer) now can all run properly, along with all my old VB6 IDE and diy apps. all this WinXP->7 transition is possible because of one crucial thing... i found better replacement to Windows Explorer XP from suggestion in this forum, ie XYPlorer. because Explorer is my #1 app that i cant live without. all Win Vista's,8-10's (including this 7's) Explorers are nightmares. and XYPlorer is built from VB6 too! ;D ps: and i still got Win7 update notifications from M$ until today, so they are still supporting it, looking at this roadmap, i believe my VB6 will still have a long way to go up to Win10, and i believe i can die gracefully with my VB6 CD's on my chest when the time comes ;D

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VB6 IDE runs so much better in WIN10 than in WIN7. Was less pain to install, too.

have you tried some compatibility modes for the installation ??

I don't use Windows 11 (and never will), but my solution was to install it on XP in a VirtualBox VM.  Works great for reverse engineering old source code.

some guidance if the installer cant install or stucked...


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