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IT6263 register programming


With an ITE IT6263 LVDS-HDMI converter, I need to program specific registers including those for LVDS spread spectrum/termination/input levels - Seenku manufactures such a board with a microcontroller for initialization.

The only information I can find for programming the IT6263 (via I2C) is: - this board supports the IT6263 - as above - IT6263 registers - signup required

On a Seenku board with the IT6263 and a CS8953AR microcontroller corresponding to :

The pinout of CN3 on this board (all signals are +3.3V LVTTL) - Square pad denotes Pin 1

1 3 5
2 4 6

1   Micro /RESET
2   Micro P1.3 (SCL)
3   Micro P1.2 (SDA)
4   GND
5   Micro P2.6
6   GND

Micro P0.0   IT6263 PCSDA
Micro P0.1   IT6263 PCSCL
Micro P0.2   IT6263 SYSRSTN

IT6263 PCADR has a 10K pulldown resistor and its I2C address on PCSDA/PCSCL is 0x98)
I2C address at Micro P1.2/P1.3 is 0x94


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