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IT6263 register programming


With an ITE IT6263 LVDS-HDMI converter, I need to program specific registers including those for LVDS spread spectrum/termination/input levels - Seenku manufactures such a board with a microcontroller for initialization.

The only information I can find for programming the IT6263 (via I2C) is: - this board supports the IT6263 - as above - IT6263 registers - signup required

On a Seenku board with the IT6263 and a CS8953AR microcontroller corresponding to :

The pinout of CN3 on this board (all signals are +3.3V LVTTL) - Square pad denotes Pin 1

1 3 5
2 4 6

1   Micro /RESET
2   Micro P1.3 (SCL)
3   Micro P1.2 (SDA)
4   GND
5   Micro P2.6
6   GND

Micro P0.0   IT6263 PCSDA
Micro P0.1   IT6263 PCSCL
Micro P0.2   IT6263 SYSRSTN

IT6263 PCADR has a 10K pulldown resistor and its I2C address on PCSDA/PCSCL is 0x98)
I2C address at Micro P1.2/P1.3 is 0x94

Hello, any progress with obtaining any documentation for the IT6263? 

Or have you found any other IC to convert from LVDS to HDMI, that would have a full docu available? For IT2623, I have only found a datasheet with pinout/schematic.

I'm also interested in, any update about docs? Chinese manufacturers produce boards with this chip so they have the docs. Maybe one could buy it and reverse the MCU FW. Even that link is now dead...

And please could you tell me, if crystal oscillator of IT6263 starts automatically at power on or doesn it need some register programming before? I'm not sure if the chip that I bought on ebay is OK, in my case XO doesn't oscilate but it seems to respond on I2C. Also I've seen that  some boards use 24MHz and some 27MHz xtal so I guess there's some PLL that need to be programmed for specific xtal value...

A recent find for those interested:


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