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I am completely new to developing JavaScript applications with web frontend frameworks.
So far I have developed some programs by hand directly in JavaScript to perform calculations or to present quiz type questionnaires.

I have also modified the source code of the Falstad circuit simulator ( to adapt it to my website. This simulator is programmed in Java, which is then translated into JavaScript with Google's GWT library.

After tinkering with the Falstad program I have been encouraged to make more elaborate applications in JavaScript, but I find the Java+GWT programming model a bit confusing and little used by programmers.

Do you know any JavaScript framework that is well suited to develop such applications with menus, drawings, simulations, etc.?

There are many comparisons on JavaScript frameworks and libraries, but in general they do not describe in depth the different frameworks to be able to choose between them.

Edit: What I am looking for is something similar to Visual Basic, but to make web applications that run on the user's computer and use JavaScript languaje.

Drawing libraries in JavaScript:

Most of what people consider JavaScript frameworks don't give you a GUI application framework but are just ways to avoid modifying the DOM directly. Angular and React are the common ones for that.

It sounds like you more would be interested in a component library like extjs or wijimo.

I agree with moving away from GWT, but be careful in the javascript world. Libraries go in and out of vogue very quickly. Many web applications end up going through multiple re-writes as frameworks popup and get replaced.

Nominal Animal:
Do you need a framework to create your frontend web apps?  What for?

While I prefer to not use any because the ones I create just don't need them, I do realize there are some use cases where they can be very useful.  The point is to try it first without, so that 1) you find out what you need most help with, so you can evaluate different frameworks based on how well they support you with that, and 2) you may find out that you don't really need one (that libraries for stuff like FFT/DCT/iDCT suffices), and can make yours more lightweight and avoid the downsides of the existing frameworks.

In short, if you try and do some web apps without any frameworks, you'll learn how to evaluate the different frameworks for your specific needs.


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