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Are you looking for a graphical programming language? ( ).  Flowcode is one, but there are others.

I have never used any of them.  When something is complex, I may do a flowchart, then convert that to Assembly.  Over the years, one accumulates their own libraries to make the conversion easier.

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For high level signal processing programs graphical programming languages can be useful, as they are quite similar to a schematic, but for implementing low level routines they can be a nightmare to debug. In particular, Simulink is useful for programming regulators, but it is quite expensive

The problem is, that even your 5th level (natural programming) is still _programming_. Which means it needs at least:

* decision support (IF/ELSE)
* loops (at least something like WHILE)
* storing data (variables or values of some kind)
* arithmetic
* input / output
* and for larger programs support for abstractions / structuring the logic (e.g. sub-routines)I would say that most programming languages just differ in the last part - how they allow / support you how to structure your logic. Apart from that it does not really matter how you present that to the user - there will be the complexity of your actual problem, and you cannot make that go away.
One can simplify by reducing the capabilities presented to the user, e.g.

* removing control structures / structure support, and you get something like Excel
* provide only simple flows (e.g. business process notation)
* specialize to specific problem areas (e.g. statistics, such as R)Using natural language adds the problem of not being specific enough - most of what you express in regular speach can have multiple meanings.


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