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Postal2/3 flash and mcu programmer


Hello! I'm glad to present my project here. Project is some years old, may be you know. Free, powerful flash and mcu programmer, now has support for eMMC on arduino-based hardware.
Now I post link to russian forum only, but I will describe thoroughly soon all aspects. Please, give me a time.
Project's home is here:
Some explained in Postal3_USBprog_sources_old.rar (old, check mistake on sda-scl pins, may be reverted)
fuses for Mega8: High=CF, Low=AF;
fuses for Mega88-168-328: Ext=FD, High=DD, Low=E7.
For eMMC support need short connection:
PB2(SS) to PD5 and PB5(SCK) to PD6. (on AtMega, see datasheet for pinout)
And connection to eMMC:
And must be 10k pull-up for CMD,DAT0 and pull-down for SCK.
Begin with "SetISP" button.
Current firmware for eMMC support is postalavr_v4c.rar
Current software Postal3_emmc_v7.rar
Drivers must be last usbXpress for CP2102 (need SiUSBXp.dll from driver's package)
Try! :)

Hey. The link above to the Russian site is not accessible. It says I've been blocked. Thanks.

Works for me, but looks like they're using cloudflare or a similar ddos/bot protection reverse proxy. You likely need to make sure your source IP isn't mapping back to a public VPN or cloud host block.

Hello Everyone!

I'm facing an issue with the programmer, i got this error always:
Connection opened .
- Device Mode 0 No Answer !
- COM closed.

Already tried different hex files for atmega88P, didn't helped. Double checked all the connections, exchanged the atmega as well without any success. The serial part (CP2102) is working fine, i tried with an RS232 port.
What could be wrong?



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