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Are there any online source code repositories (like github) that include some code-browsing features beyond syntax-coloring?I'd particularly like "goto defintion."  It would be fine if I have to use an offline tool to manually build the index...

That's the sort of feature that's normally handled by downloading the code and looking at it via your preferred editing environment. The online viewing tools for github aren't really intended for serious digestion of the code.

The question kind of overlaps with code documentation, there are documentation generators that might provide the function you search for. If it ends up in the repository, it might still be browseable.

There are a number of Linux kernel cross reference sites. is one of them.

But yeah, it is easier to download stuff from GitHub rather than look for a sire that has the code you want to look at.

Well, if you're fine with using an offline tool, as said above, just use one?

Some editors allow to directly manage repositories (such as git and others) directly from within them, so that makes it easier than downloading the source code manually if you so wish. But of course the code will still be downloaded. And many of them have more than syntax coloring.

As Sparky said, othewise, doc generators will pretty much do what you seem to want. Doxygen is very well known here. There are others.


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