Author Topic: Pickit 3 bricked by mplabX, fixed.  (Read 378 times)

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Pickit 3 bricked by mplabX, fixed.
« on: August 13, 2021, 03:23:02 pm »
I already had issues for the last days when connecting to a target. Random messages like too much power being drawn, although nothing was connected to it.
After changing to a different mcu, mplabX updated the firmware and finally killed it.
Usb noticed nothing when plugging it, steady lights ...yep, really dead.

I saw some posts, also the article in google "How to unbrick the pickit 3".
Flashing "PK3IMG020005.hex" from the Pickit 3 standalone tool did only partially work.
The usb was recognized again, but nothing would connect to it. I tried everything: Mplab 8, mplabX, pickit 3 tool... all freezed when trying to connect.

After a lot of flashing and more bashing holes in the table, I found the way:
- Flash the pk3img file using pickit 3 standalone tool (It's the utility folder after installation).
- When it finishes, close everything. Ensure no mplab*** is running.
  It seems that if mplab connects first, the pickit3 will never work again, needing a reflash. Don't ask me why.

- Connect the new programmed pickit 3, open pickit 3 standalone tool. Should be able to connect but might need some tries.
- Go to tools... switch to mplab mode. After that, Mplab should be able to recover it.

Anyways, here's an hex file, already in MplabX mode.
Flash and ready to go, no need to do any steps. It's preloaded with PIC18F firmware.

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