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I was intrigued to see what the next generation of Bill Gates's, Steve Jobs's, Linus Torvalds's etc. are cutting their teeth on:

Is this an advertisement? ::)

Oh wait, this shit is written by one of the companies being "reviewed" :-DD

--- Quote ---They also aim to encourage participation from women and underrepresented minorities which is a worthy mission.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Say your teen starts coding an app on the school computer but can’t finish it before school lets out. When he gets home, he can easily log back in to App Inventor using to pick up where he left off.
--- End quote ---
How did this blog even pass their social justice review process? ;D

With these drag and drop tools I fear a flood of more and more crap programs on your tablet, phone or computer.

That is layer upon layer of possible errors, with the need for update upon update, even worse than seen today.

Sure it is nice to get some acquaintance with "programming" but should be followed up with decent learning about "real programming".

I don't understand the need to change "programming" to "coding".


--- Quote from: MikeK on September 21, 2022, 02:33:31 pm ---I don't understand the need to change "programming" to "coding".

--- End quote ---

A "coder" is usually way cheaper than a programmer.


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