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Too many programming languages?

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When it comes to learning programming languages, I'm often overwhelmed. The currently popular ones include but not limited to C, C++, C#, Java, Python, etc. You name it, you gotta learn them!

I think one should master one specific programming language, rather than being an expert of all.

The thing is, as an electronics engineer, which one should I learn most!?

p.s.: and one programming language's introduction textbook is often as thick as a brick used in the Empire State Building.

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For MCU you are basically limited to C (8 bit) and C/C++ (ARM) for any serious use. And then there is Verilog/ VHDL if you want to use FPGA.

it been discussed many times everybody with opinions... but i tell you only once this time and then no more... if you want to risk obsolescence and have to relearn new language in the future, learn anything other than C/C++ now mix up your mind with what replies that will come... :scared:


--- Quote from: bjdhjy888 on September 24, 2019, 12:29:52 am ---The thing is, as an electronics enginner, which one should I learn most!?

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C and Python

As someone who started programming with Basic/QBasic then Fortran and Pascal and punching Hex codes into 6800 Micros it's all easy  :scared:

I got back into programming Micros after a long long time away and like the others C or C+ makes most sense as a gateway to some of the others. Java is maybe on the way down compared to only a few years ago but Python is on my list of really must get some skills in.

Instead of a textbook and killing a few trees grab the Arduino IDE and a starter kit depending on where you already are. Run through the stock bits then come up with a job of your own and start to learn how to write your own. This worked for me and to get the rusty brain wheels turning again. Then kick onto other Micros. None of the skills learned with this step will be wasted moving forward.


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