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Trouble adding existing files to project in Atmel Studio 5.1 - FIXED

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I have 4 C files that make a project for the ATMEGA16 and am using Studio5.1 to compile them but it will compile only 1 file and ignores the rest. Can anybody suggest what I can do to add the other 3 files to the program so that they are compiled and linked?

Is that version 10 years old or more? Maybe a later version will work for you.

I just finished a project using this compiler and it had 5 source files.  No problem compiling the lot and producing the *elf file to download to the target.  But now with a new project it can see only one file, the one with main{} in it.  I used the >FILE>NEW>FILE menu command to create files as I thought I had before, and it will do so but the compiler ignores them.  Its running on a Win XP machine I have just for programs like this.

Have you added all the extra files to the project?
The IDE needs to know to add them to the makefile.

Syntax Error:
Nothing wrong with XP :)

I suspect you may need to first convert the other files into shared libraries(?) A bit about this:
And on importing precompiled libraries into AS

To help, make sure the files are in the same directory as main.


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