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Ubuntu C-language sound peripheral programming - simple C example to read/write?

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--- Quote from: Bassman59 on January 25, 2022, 08:00:04 pm ---
--- Quote from: PKTKS on January 25, 2022, 08:52:11 am ---No more good alternatives.
Mainstream POTTERIX is the thing...

--- End quote ---

You keep using that word.

Nobody knows what the fuck you're on about.

--- End quote ---

Very simple..

The folk cited above (see wiki) is the author of systemd and pulse... 

He obviously created a whole new thing which diverts more and more from *nix..

Each month a new feature which nobody's ever asked for is pushed into that his system.. freakshow

Has gone so far that this new system which can no longer be called *nix receives his name.. kinda...POTTERIX

Has gone way too far... the folk created a new thing which obviously veered off trying to mimic MS mainstream look feel..

Kinda hype of IT  darlings.
I have seen this new system name on other discussions related to the serious problems caused by all those changes.. not new at all


PS>  another interesting comment i have read about it is that POTTERIX is like Arduino for  IT..  a newbie thinks that is great.. fantastic magic..

Anything above ground zero requires a proper MCU or system...

So POTTERIX is like Arduino..
My 6y old nephew loves it and Arduino


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