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What is a good tsop 48 programmer? or universal?


I've found the cheap boys on alibaba but they don't seem to do the MT29F128G08CFABBWP What are some good true universal programmers?

Take a look at RT809H.
I have it and it does the job.

The xgecu T56 claims also to be able to do that.

Im happy although it isnt as nice as the batronix programmers.

Hello, I have a problem. I need to load and program: High-Density EE CMOS Programmable Logic
MACH110 MACH 1/2 Data Sheets The MACH110 is a member of our high-performance EE CMOS MACH 1 family. This device has approxi- mately three times the Logic macrocell capability of the popular PAL22V10 without loss of speed. The MACH110 consists of two PAL blocks intercon- nected by a programmable Switch matrix. The two PAL blocks are essentially PAL22V16 structures complete with product-term arrays and programmable macro- cells. The Switch matrix connects the PAL blocks to each other and to all input pins, providing a high degree of connectivity between the fully-connected PAL blocks. This allows designs to be placed and routed efficiently. n Pin-compatible with MACH111 MACH210 MACH211 MACH215 By Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

Can you help me?

Some Elnec programmers can do   MT29F128G08CFABBWP  too 

The MACH series too

I have an Beeprog+  and they are supported, but the adapter can be costly ?


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