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What is the mathematical name for a 'circle sector' applied to a 'ring'?

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I'm drawing a graphic which is like a doughnut chart. If we call the shape between 2 concentric circles a 'ring', what is the correct term for a 'partial ring'?

(I'd like to give the relevant variables meaningful names, preferably based around mathematically correct terms)

just google "partial donut shape mathematics"
Annulus Sector
Annulus (Mathematics)

OK Thanks, it seems the term is going to be "Annular Sector".

The "correct" math term would be annulus sector, but I admit this doesn't sound very appealing for some reason, so I'll concede the annular sector.

That was my intuitive feeling, but I must (now) admit "annular sector", whilst sounding nicer, is a contradiction: Like saying "circular sector". A sector cannot be itself circular or annular I suppose.


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