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Wondering if there is anyone about who is experienced in power switching involving ~15V @ ~6A who would be interested in giving me a little design help with variation of a power mux circuit.
I am happy to pay for your time. I can do a lot of the work, but I just need a wiser, more experienced brain to give me some input.

DM me if you have some experience here.

for example for DC
high side BTS6133
low side VNB10N07
commonly used in automotive applications

or discrete P MOSFET , N MOSFET ,  Bidirectional switch circuit configuration

for AC
if both sources are not in phase is fireworks

Sorry, to add to the info, I want to monitor two sources and switch between them seamlessly. Kind of like ORing, but I don't just want the highest voltage to win. I want to actively control the source.

I'm talking about DC

take two switches and tie outputs together
and to prevent cross conduction failure add deadtime or switch blocking comparator on output voltage level so that output is equal source level during switching on

Yeah it’s stuff like avoiding reverse conduction and things which I am slightly fuzzy on also if I could protect against reverse polarity without a diode drop that would be a bonus.


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