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0-10v, 4-20mA design

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my dad is an electrician, and would like a 0-10v supply with 4-20mA output aswell to test AC drives and similar stuff. last night i started searching on rs for an adjustable switching regulator. i found the ltc3631. it has a 100mA max output from 0.8-45v with 4.5-45 volt input. it has soft start, current limiting, and other features. it comes in a msop package wich is quite small but it costs $12 from rs and $6.13 from digikey. is there a suitable replacement with so few smd components?

Jon Chandler:
Am LM317 voltage regulator and a pot will provide the same functionality for a buck or two.  See an LM317 data sheet for the configuration as a constant current source.

4-20 mA is usually used as a signal transmission standard for measurements and instrumentation. I suspect there is dedicated test gear for this purpose. You probably would want fine control and good precision so you can dial in specific signal levels. Noise from switching regulators might be a problem. I don't know that this is necessarily a case for a home brew solution.

Yeah, i believe it's current loop control. 4mA = zero   20mA = fullscale

It's a very common standard so there will be IC's for doing just this

The technical name for the instrument a V/I Source. Dedicated instruments would be called millivolt source and milliamp source.



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