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0-3.3V DAC amplifier to 0.5-4.5


I need to make a DAC amplifier
From my ESP32 DAC output  0-3.3V to 0.5 - 4.5V max 10mA

Have 5V rail
Need to be as simple as possible.
Do you have an easy solution to share?

The 0.5 V offset can usually be handled in software. From 3.3 V to 4.5 V is tiny bit more than a gain of 1.5.  This should be reasoable easy with an 1 OP non inverting OP with rail to rail out and input to ground. The choice of OP depends on the requited speed and accuracy. Candidates would be something like MCP6001 or OPA170. Plenty of choices there. Adding an offset is probably easiest at the input side: so first a divider from the DAC and a positive voltage and than a little more gain.

Thank you so much Kleinstein!
Worked out very close with current resistor settings.
Only some minor software tuning.
Br, Tom


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