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0603 vs 1206 cap case size

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I'm making a design based around the TPS40211 boost LED driver and the data sheet says there should be a 1 µF bypass cap on the BP pin. I did add that to my schematic but I used an 0603 size cap instead of the 1206 size cap they used themselves in the example circuit. Is there any drawback to this? The advantage is, obviously, size.

Hmm... now when I look at Farnell, there seems to be very few 1 µF 0603 caps with X7R dielectric although X5R is very common.

Should I reorder the PCB with a 1206 footprint instead?

No problem.

Wouldn't an X7R cap be better then?

It's a bypass capacitor so it shouldn't make any difference.

Why is that? I thought bypass caps should always have as good dielectric as possible?


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