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1.5/3/12v - 35v DC To DC converter.

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Mr. Transistor:
i need one for a little project i am doing at home. i am willing to work with any of those three input voltage but i need 35v out and i need it in a really small package.... anyone have a schematic i can follow for something like this?

How much current do you need?

Try using National's designer software online.

Mr. Transistor:

--- Quote from: Hero999 on November 06, 2010, 07:58:40 pm ---How much current do you need?

--- End quote ---

not a whole lot i just need it to charge a cap bank. about 10farads :O

Any boost converter which outputs enough current to overcome the leakage current can do that.

How fast does it need to charge the capacitors?

Is it acceptable if it takes seconds, hours or days?


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