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2.4GHz radio control protocol?


I notice that a lot of radio control model aircraft etc now use 2.4GHz rather than the lower frequencies. Does anyone know if they use a standard protocol like Zigbee or similar or is there one dedicated to that application? Just curious.

They still use PCM (pulse code modluation) but proprietary spread spectrum transmissions. No two manufacturers equipment is compatible. Notable exception is JR/Spektrum who share their technology as far as I know.



Thanks Christian.

As Christian has said, there is no "standard" for the protocols used now that RC gear has gone to 2.4GHz.

In the old FM ("longwire) days, there was a defacto standard that involved the use of a pulsetrain (one for each channel) with a median width of 1.5mS and a variance of (usually) +/- 500nS.  Each frame (series of channel-pulses) was demarked by a sync pulse that was generally 3mS or longer, depending on the number of channels encoded.  The standard frame-rate was around 20mS (50 fps).

Now however, each manufacturer has come up with their own method for encoding the channel positions, each striving to produce the lowest-latency and highest redundancy.

None of these protocols are well documented -- since they're considered "proprietary" by most manufacturers.  However, a little work with a logic analyzer will likely reveal a whole lot.

The only systems that use existing standard base protocols (or did) are the XPS and (I think) the Jeti ones.  They are/were based on ZigBee.


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