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24-bit RGB LDC screen capture?

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Hello everyone!

I need to capture the screen of a board ive designed. The board outputs data through a regular parallel LCD screen.
Is there a conversion/emulation device one could use?

Idea 1:
Would be to convert the RGB data to some other format like HDMI and use a capture card to record the display data.
The problem is that I’m unable to find such a device, there are plenty of HDMI to RGB converters but none for the other way around.
I’m aware that pinouts can differ between LCD's and creating an intermediate/pinout conversion board is no issue.

Idea 2:
I made a similar device a few years ago that emulated and decoded the display signals to a "controller" screen and then sent the frame buffer to a computer that then recreated the screen.
It worked very well, signal speed was moderately fast and all data was sent over an 8-bit bus with some control lines. Everything was done in software with a few interrupts and some optimization.

I could do something similar for the RGB screen but it feels like i would be reinventing the wheel again. I'm pretty sure id have to dust of the old FPGA hat so id rather avoid this approach.

The screen data is generated during runtime so i can't "extract" compiled data for the screen grab.

Do any of you guys know of a device for this or any somewhat simple approach to grab the signals sent to an RGB LCD?

This is an very similar screen to the one i'm using, it is basically a drop in replacement. The difference being the FFC shape, pitch is the same.

One possible approach is to use an FPGA-based solution that converts the RGB signals to HDMI. You can consider Terasic DE10-Nano for this purpose.

What sort of bitrate are you dealing with? A Cypress FX3 might work.

see this


Do you need to capture video, or just stills?  If you have control over the device software, what about dumping the frame buffer to a PC?  A basic USB-UART bridge can do 2-3Mbps, so about 1s to transfer an uncompressed image, wouldn't be too bad for stills.  Something like an FT2232H in FIFO mode can do up to 320Mbps, at your resolution you could do 100fps video over that  :P.


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