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30A Adjustable Power Supply Suggestions

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I’m considering an adjustable power supply, maybe 30v and 20 or greater amps.

So far the ones I’ve found are expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions on an affordable one? I don’t really care about noise, and I already have power supplies, just need one with more current.

Let's see... power is volts * amps, so at 30 volts and 30 amps, that's 900 watts plus overhead...  Now the thought is... how much should we expect to pay for a moderately precise, reliable,  nicely designed device that operates at over a thousand watts?

I'm just suggesting that a place to start is to make sure your expectations are realistic. 

I didn’t use watts because it could imply low voltage and high current or vice versa. In any case, I agree with you, and it’s why I asked if anyone knows of somewhere that has decent prices.

You have not defined affordable, or if you need displays, but aliexpress often have the best prices.

The Korad KWR103 can do 30V and 30A, but limited to 300W total output power.



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